Combining the pest repelling power of Lemongrass, Citronella, and Peppermint, you are sure to keep unwanted critters away from you. Great for helping keeping your outdoor areas free from mosquitos, flies, spiders, fleas, ants, mice and much more.
Getting the feeling of sipping cocktails on the beach has never been easier. Create your own oasis with this amazing combination of mangos and papaya.
The scent of lavender flowers, peppermint and spearmint will be sure to transport you to Provence.
Get the smell of freshly cut grass without the hassle of actually having to mow!
Imagine strolling through the hills of Tuscany and smelling the fresh scent of blood oranges, and fresh thyme. Now you can without leaving the comfort of your backyard.
Try not to lick your artificial turf after spraying this irresistible scent of a freshly picked peach!
Imagine visiting an apple orchard on a fall day with the scent of apples (duh), violet, lily of the valley and oakmoss.
Make your backyard smell like your very own Taj Mahal with notes of cedar, sandalwood, rose and jasmine.
Take a walk through and alpine forest in your very own backyard. Breath in the aroma of pinecones, fir needles, cedar leaf, and winter moss.
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